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Welcome to The Counsel-ling Magazine

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The Counsel-ling Magazine promotes lifelong good health and aims to promote healthy living via counselling. Overall, counselling, therapy and psychotherapy and other related terms such as guidance, mentoring and coaching are indispensable apparatuses through to current times and their ostensible popularity continues apace. Indeed, counselling psychology is a global phenomenon that allows us to fully comprehend and conceptualize our lives in various interconnectedness ways. This is because our growth and development as humans are based on human interaction, communication and contacts. In a global context, counselling psychology includes the array of interconnected relations underpinning health and wellness, that is, the physiological, psychological, social, spiritual, and emotional wellness that leads to healthy living. All these aspects are essential components of our lives and will be encompassed in The Counsel-ling Magazine.

The Counsel-ling Magazine sketches the globalizing landscape of humanity underpinned by a globally networked society in order to provide depth, penetration and global reach through an appreciation of our uniqueness as humans. This leads to a nuanced understanding of humanity in a global world; one, able to accommodate the human values and realities, but laden with determinism marked by resilience. Indeed, health and wellness draw heavily on the transition of debate, discourse and deliberations that in turn contribute towards human progress through a broad-based participation. This sense of collective living and purpose unifies us, as it incorporates various participants and perspectives, individuals, family and community. This is the purpose of The Counsel-ling Magazine.

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Dr. Geoffrey Wangohttps://counsel-lingmagazine.co.ke/
Many people often ask me about my personal stand, my passion in life and how I got into Counselling Psychology and why in particular the establishment and writing in their favourite publication, The Counsel-ling Magazine. Colleagues and students, participants in various seminars and others suggested that I should include some information that would assist clients, practitioners and students to perhaps establish a career, or even assess and evaluate their ethical, moral and professional standards. Well, this allows for personal reflection and I feel it wise to include a few remarks about my fervour on counselling, mentoring and education as well as various aspects of life.
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  1. Amazing you have always been my all time inspiration and mentor. Your writings have shaped my view of Psychology and life in general .


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